It's the old Question and Answers but this time the band asks the questions and the fans give the answers...
Rod from Akron asks: So what happened? Why did you let us down. Where were you when we needed you?
Fans: [silence]

Rod From Akron asks: See! Thats what I'm talking about. You're never there when we need you.
Fans: PSYCH! We're here we just love to hear you whine. They're just wasn't enough of us, dude.

Rod From Akron asks:Oh Really?
Fans: Yes, you see fanbase is a zero sum game.

Bob from Akron asks: What's a Zero Sum Game?
Fans: Well, Bob it's means that Black Flag's gain is Rubber City's loss. In other words the other bands ripped you off.

Buzz from Akron asks: That's not what I heard.
Fans: Oh Really? What did you hear?

Buzz from Akron asks: T'ings, I heard t'ings.
Fans: Buzz...what did you hear?

Buzz from Akron asks: [silence]
Fans: Buzz?

Whole band Asks: PSYCHE!
Fans: FUCK YOU GUYS. You're assholes. Always were. Thats why no one likes you. Rubber City R e t a r d s...

Buzz from Akron Asks: I told you the fans sold us out and it's all their falt. I say fuck'em. Good riddance.